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Supercharge Your Studies With the Power of ChatGPT

Upload your student documents, let the AI Personal Assistant summarise the content for you, or provide guidance, and use your time more effectively. Unlock the power of a safe and secure generative AI, and take one step closer to skyrocketing your grades!





How Ayfie AI Personal Assistant Can Help Your Studies

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Efficient Studying & Focus

Tired of flipping through hundreds of pages or files? Ask Ayfie Personal Assistant directly, making your study time more efficient.

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Writing Help & Guidance

Get suggestions to improve your writing, from essays to emails, making your content more engaging and professional.

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Enhanced Understanding

Receive easy-to-follow explanations in your preferred language, helping you quickly grasp complex topics.


User Testimonials

"This assistant is so amazing! I cannot stop using it, and I don’t want to tell other people about it either because I want it for myself".
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Alexander Kvamme
High School Student
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"This solution really helped me in exam preparation. It’s just so clutch! I’m personally going to thank Ayfie if I get an A."
Anne Cath Lea Ruud
University Student, Bachelor in Economics

Our Features

Try for Free

No need to enter credit card details for our free AI generator. Test our solution as much as you’d like, no strings attached. 

Easy Login

Register and authenticate in just a few quick steps, and you're ready to use our solution.


No cap on the usage of our AI Personal Assistant, so buckle up and take our solution for a test drive.

Full Language Support

Upload and chat in your preferred language, be it your native language or something else.

550+ File Formats

We use a converter that support numerous file formats to give you the best experience.

Privacy & Security

All your data stays within our secure infrastructure, mitigating data leaks, and ensuring GDPR compliance. 


How to Use AI by Ayfie for Students

1. Upload your documents

You can upload one or several documents in 550+ file formats. Whether it’s project files, exam papers, or coursework, your data is stored safely in the Open AI API from Microsoft Azure.

2. Chat with your document database

Type your question, command, or request into our user-friendly chat interface, or use our pre-defined questions. 

3. Get instant AI generative answers and suggestions

Ayfie’s AI Personal Assistant processes your uploaded documents, pulls out essential information, and provides you with instant responses and suggestions.

Example Use-Cases

- Summarise your coursework to extract key information.
- Ask to explain a complex concept in simpler terms.
- Generate ideas for essay topics.
- Find gaps in information in your documents to ensure you understand a topic thoroughly.
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