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Chat With Your Documents

Discover the power of Ayfie combined with ChatGPT and unleash the true potential of your data.


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Ayfie, combined with ChatGPT, is a powerful search platform designed to extract valuable insights from your internal files and documents. 

The solution leverages advanced algorithms to understand the meaning of the user's question, identifies relevant information from documents, and generates a natural language response that summarises the key points or provides the specific answer to a question asked.

How it Works in 3 Steps:


Powerful Search Engine

Ayfie's robust search function can convert over 500 different types of files into text, making it effortless to search for relevant information across all your files.

It uses semantic search to understand and make sense of information in documents, allowing for more accurate and comprehensive search results.


Seamless Q&A with ChatGPT

Ayfie's extracted information is seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT's question and answer (Q&A) functionality. Users can ask questions in natural language and receive answers based on the information extracted by Ayfie from multiple documents. To ensure efficiency and avoid hitting document size limits, Ayfie reduces the volume of text by extracting the most relevant information and merging it from multiple sources.


Smart Classification & Token Reduction

Ayfie employs smart classification to identify relevant documents and extracts pertinent information using semantic search. To optimize performance, Ayfie also reduces the number of tokens by extracting only the most relevant information, minimizing the risk of exceeding ChatGPT's token limits. This ensures that users receive concise and relevant answers to their questions without encountering token limitations.

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Imagine if you could use Ayfie Locator + ChatGPT?

Combining Ayfie Locator with ChatGPT can further enhance the capabilities of using ChatGPT on your files. Ayfie, an advanced search and text analytics solution, can index and convert all types of files into readable text files. 

Here are the benefits of combining Ayfie with ChatGPT:

Enhanced Search: Ayfie's semantic search and smart document classification capabilities can help refine your search results in Locator. With Ayfie's indexing of all files and its ability to reduce the volume of data through smart document classification, ChatGPT can provide more accurate and relevant search results, making it easier to find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Expanded ChatGPT Capabilities: By converting various file types, such as scanned documents, photos, and AutoCAD files, into readable text files, Ayfie enables ChatGPT to analyse the content within these files. This expands ChatGPT's language processing capabilities to include a wider range of file types, allowing for more comprehensive and in-depth insights and analysis.

Source Reference: Ayfie's ability to provide source references for indexed documents can be invaluable in maintaining accuracy and credibility. ChatGPT can utilize Ayfie's source reference information to ensure that the generated content is reliable and properly attributed, which is particularly important in professional and legal contexts.

Reduced Token Volume: Ayfie's smart document classification can help reduce the volume of data by identifying and categorizing relevant information. This can result in fewer tokens, which are the units of text that ChatGPT processes. This can help manage costs and stay within token limits, especially in scenarios where token usage is a concern.

In summary, combining Ayfie with ChatGPT enhances the capabilities of using ChatGPT on your files, providing improved search results, expanded language processing, source reference information, and reduced token volume. This powerful combination significantly enhances productivity and efficiency for tedious tasks ranging from document review to extracting insights, identifying risks and classifying large volumes of data.
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Ayfie is launching an Enterprise SaaS solution

The Ayfie platform is currently delivered as an on-premises solution (either in our client's data center or their IT provider), and we have a hybrid solution. However, in June we will be launching our solution as a fully blown cloud solution (SaaS).

The initial scope will cover “all Microsoft” applications, then we will quickly add important connectors such as iManage Cloud, Google Workspace, etc.

If you're interested in signing up for more information, you can register here.



Ayfie for Dropbox and OneDrive

In the journey of making the Ayfie Platform available as a SaaS solution, we have launched a very simplified version of Ayfie Locator for private users of Dropbox and OneDrive.

For the time being it's a free trial and we will be moving to a more full blown SaaS solution in June.



Ayfie for Students

The education and ways of learning have been transformed with the digitalization the past years. Now with AI tools and ChatGPT, this space is giving students more help to focus on their most important assignments and research projects. 

With the Personal Assistant from Ayfie, you can speed up the studying process, having documents reviewed and synthesized and by Question-Answering, the factual absorption and cross reference will be close to automated. 

Ready to take Ayfie Personal Assistant out for a test-drive? Read more and test it yourself here.



Ayfie Press Release

Oslo/Norway, April 25, 2023: 

Ayfie Group (Ayfie), a leading Norwegian technology company specialized in AI-driven solutions for search and text analysis, unveils today its new and innovative document search platform with the integration of the latest ChatGPT technology. The ground-breaking service combines the best of Ayfie's AI-based tools for text analysis and search with ChatGPT's ability to talk to the data and documents.


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