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Extracting text from different formats have never been easier with the Document2Text API. 


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The Ayfie Document2Text API


Skip the hassle of converting between PDFs and other formats to get the text extracted.

Using the Document2Text API is both the fastest and easiest way to access information in a PDF you can't read unless it is converted.

Document2Text API Screenshot

How It Works

The Document2Text API is an online document converter that supports 550+ file formats (such as PDF, XLSX, DOCX, TIF or TXT).

You can drag and drop your files directly in the portal here or using the API to have the converter integrated in your app.


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This is one of several APIs - Wanna see more?

We have a variety of Text Analytics APIs such as Entity Extractor, Keyword Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Summarizer and Translator. 

If you think you can use the Document2Text API, then imagine the potential behind the combination of several of these APIs.

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