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Entity Extraction

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a technique used to extract textual entities from a body of text. 


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What is NER?

Named entity recognition or entity extraction

Entity extraction is a technique used to extract textual entities from a body of text. It is also often used as input data for other features such as query completion and did you mean spell checking.

With our Entity Extractor you can fast and easy find entities such as date, location, organization, and named persons. Another term used to describe entity extraction is Named Entity Recognition (NER) and the potential of usage areas is massive.

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Examples & Use Cases

Entity Extraction can be useful in the following areas:

- Sentiment analysis of social media text

- Online customer service

- Chatbots

- Text classification

- Language translation

- Search query understanding


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There are many exciting potential usage areas for entity extraction. We hope that this introduction has piqued your interest and that you will explore the feature further.

Entity extraction is just one of the many features that our NLP API offers. So if you are looking for more, be sure to check out our other features as well.

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This is one of several APIs - Wanna see more?

We have a variety of Text Analytics APIs such as Keyword Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Summarizer and Translator. 

If you think you can use the Entity Extractor API, then imagine the potential behind the combination of several of these APIs.

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