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Sentiment Analysis

With the Sentiment Analysis API you can determine text sentiment in an instant. 


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Know The Sentiment of a Text

Get to know your customers better

Do you want to know the sentiment/opinion in a customer feedback message, review a high volume of opiniated articles or simply integrate our API into your project to process unstructured text and know if the sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral?


Try the best Sentiment Analysis API to determine the sentiment of any text.

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Improve The Customer Experience For Your Customers

With the Sentiment Analysis service, you will get to know the users, be it clients, employees or partners, better.

It will be easier to engage with them knowing how they feel. Not to mention giving them the best customer experience.


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How It Works


Let the API analyze your customers response via text, then press submit.

The Ayfie Sentiment Analysis API will then tell you whether the feedback from the customer is negative or positive, giving you the best start to help and guide your customers.

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Get started Using Sentiment Analysis -


This is one of several APIs - Wanna see more?

We have a variety of Text Analytics APIs such as Entity Extraction Keyword Extraction, Summarizer and Translator. 

If you think you can use the Sentiment Analysis API, then imagine the potential behind the combination of several of these APIs.

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We Would Love Your Feedback

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