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The days of lengthy summaries are gone, with the Summarizer API it will be pure fun.


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Do You Need To Summarize Text?


With the best summarizer API, you can summarize text content in seconds. The API can be connected to your app or website, and serves as a cool and useful feature for multiple use cases. 

Whether you are a student needing to summarize an article or paper, or a work professional needing to summarize text for a report, the summarization API covers your need.

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How Does It Work?


The text summarizer API extracts key words and phrases from your submitted text and presents it to you immediately in an abbreviated form.

We have trained the Summarizer on a significant volume of news articles and it's an English-speaking bleeding edge tech solution.

Summarizing language models come in two varieties: extractive and abstractive. Our main model is abstractive, meaning that it can write new sentences in addition to extracting the most relevant ones from the text


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What Can Be Summarized?

Using the API, you can summarize sentences, paragraphs or full pages from any documents.

Ayfie's Summarizer works in English and Norwegian.

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Learn how to use the API -


This is one of several APIs - Wanna see more?

We have a variety of Text Analytics APIs such as Entity Extraction, Keyword Extraction, Sentiment Analysis and Translator. 

If you think you can use the Summarizer API, then imagine the potential behind the combination of several of these APIs.

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