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Extract Data Safely from All Your Business Files with ChatGPT Generative AI

Unlock the power of safe and secure generative AI within seconds. Ayfie AI Personal Assistant has limitless usage and is GDPR compliant within the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.





How Ayfie Personal Assistant Benefits Your Business

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Document Analysis & Review

Analysis of the documents and identifying any potential issues or risks. Getting feedback on the clarity and organization of the document itself.

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I want to search all file types

Our solution supports more than 550+ file types and makes it possible for the AI assistant to search, summarize and suggest edits or produce new content based on your prompts and needs. 

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Insights & Research

 In the case where your files cover specific topics or cases, our solution can conduct research on the topic(s) and you will be provided with the relevant insights, advice and best practices. The more specific cases (e.g. contracts, agreements, projects, the easier it is for the AI assistant to help.  


Three Ways of Using Ayfie Personal Assistant

1. Upload your documents safely and within seconds

The AI assistant makes it fast and easy to solve any small or big task at hand. You can upload one or several documents in more than 550 file formats. Data is stored safely in the Open AI API from Microsoft Azure.


2. Chat with your document database

Type your question, command, or request into our user-friendly chat interface, or use our pre-defined questions. 


3. Get instant AI generative answers and suggestions

Ayfie processes your uploaded documents, pulls out essential information, and provides you with instant responses and suggestions.
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