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Need APIs? Ayfie Entity Extractor, Ayfie Sentiment Analysis, Ayfie Summarizer, Ayfie Translator, Ayfie Document Converter got you covered


Use our state-of-the-art open APIs to add smartness to your projects.

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Why re-invent the wheel, when you can use what already exists and embed it into your work?


Build on high-quality work from skilled people that let you focus on what matters the most to you - we do the rest.


The more users of our open APIs - the stronger our offering gets. Help us help you.

Our API services

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Text Analytics

Make your data smarter

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Search for website and apps

AppSearch is for developers who need a ready search function for their app or website.

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Search Ayfie

Make your images come alive

With OCR you can index and read even the text in your images.

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Smart Refiners - Make Machine Learning fun

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Help us evolve

In Ayfie we believe in developing services that our clients and partners need. One way we ensure this is to sharing the services in an early development stage, so that we can learn from the users on how to improve and add functionality they really need.

Where we go from here, we will decide based on your feedback.




For more information about our new services and the different ways you can integrate our APIs into your work, check out the articles and videos below. 

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Ayfie’s Journey Towards the Cloud

What was previously referred to as Enterprise Search is now moving towards Insight Engine as these solutions combine...

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What Ayfie's API Services Mean for Developers

As experts in the information and data management space, Ayfie is introducing a set of bleeding edge low-code/no-code...

2 min read

Ayfie Enters the API & Micro Services Space, Offering Free Access

Ayfie is entering the API and micro services space, along with other providers such as Microsoft and Google, as the...


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