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ayfie Locator

ayfie Locator turns your data into a knowledge base. Finding relevant or critial information within any connected data silo was never easier.

Knockdown silos to uncover information
With ayfie Locator enterprise indexing and search software, you can put an end to restrictive data silos, transform user experience, increase productivity and gain greater IT agility without losing control — let your employees find information they didn't know existed.

Find files in their exact locations
Information that was once locked away becomes instantly usable, all from a single search bar. While Locator helps you find files and their respective locations — all rights management remains securely in place to protect content and maintain control over distribution.

Save valuable time with ayfie’s fast setup
ayfie Locator’s pre-built connectors for leading ECM systems, email clients, database technologies and cloud services make setup a breeze. Forget customization tasks and scores of man hours; all you have to do to use the powerful knowledge discovery and search platform is configure a few basic settings.


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Finding the right knowledge is critical to success. ayfie Locator pulls all your enterprise data into a Universal Index™ and makes your content accessible anytime, anywhere, across teams.

Uncover hidden connections

ayfie Locator provides fast and intelligent views into your most relevant information by automatically identifying meaning across multiple data sources. It connects users to the knowledge they need.

Rapid document

The intuitive search experience allows users to quickly and easily find the information they need. Automatically generated previews are available for hundreds of proprietary file formats.

Now it’s possible to build timelines with one click and then augment or modify documents.

ayfie automates the highly manual process of timeline creation by placing documents of a case matter in chronological order. Early Data Assessment was never easier.



New connectors to Microsoft Teams and Slack ensure that privileged data doesn't leak.

With the increasing use of collaborative tools while working from home, data is now stored outside of traditional repositories. However, with ayfie your data remains protected.



Knowledge discovery

Automatic classification: Find information by topic, case, document type, practice group — the possibilities are limitless.

Connected knowledge: Find expertise by seeing the connections between documents, clients, people, matters and more.

External data sources: Add external data sources to your index to reveal new connections and groupings — for example law references.

Create opportunities: Improve knowledge sharing and increase collaboration between individuals and departments.

Boost productivity

Single-point access: Log in once to search dozens of data silos simultaneously.

One-click retrieval: Access original source documents without needing to know the file name or starting up additional applications.

Deep search: Leverage powerful OCR technology to search content inside each file — not just metadata and file names.

Advanced technology: Accelerate workflows in practice groups using ayfie's unique combination of machine learning and computational linguistics.

Natural language: Search naturally. There is no need to learn complex query structures or rules.

Simplify IT

Non-disruptive deployment: Leave data where it is. No messy conversion, integration or custom coding required.

Integrated security: Access and authorizations make use of the security schemas you already have in place.

Real-time indexing: Keep your index up-to-date at all times.

Migration support: Protect your investment in legacy apps while you migrate to a modern environment.

Easy scalability: Start small and scale fast to any amount of data or number of users, without custom development or integration time.

See ayfie Locator in action

If you can use Google, you can use ayfie Locator. ayfie Locator is extremely intuitive — it provides document previews and automatically indexes hundreds of proprietary file formats and images.


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