ayfie Core

A unique framework based on linguistic resources paired with artificial intelligence forms the core of our platform.

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Flexible and powerful

ayfie’s modules can be combined and adjusted as necessary for any use case.

More than 30 years of research and experience in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science have gone into our products.

Using this knowledge, ayfie has created a unique platform that combines best-in-class search technology with an innovative text analytics engine to deliver efficiency and better insights from unstructured data to businesses in all industries in European and American markets.

  • Partner Integration - ayie's technology seemlessly integrates in leading review platforms, such as Relativity, RelativityOne, iConect, ONE Discovery and many more.
  • Direct Access - Explore ayfie's capabilities using our interfaces for Knowledge Discovery, ayfie Locator, or PII based workflows, ayfie Inspector.
  • API Access - Leverage ayfie's full set of features by accessing our extensive API.
Ayfie connect


With over 80 out of the box connectors, ayfie can work with almost all standard software for information management from CRM systems to online cloud storage. The Connector SDK provides a streamlined way to integrate even more systems and databases.

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Information extraction and linguistic analysis

Every piece of content that is indexed into ayfie undergoes a deep linguistic analysis: Inflectional forms are normalized, synonyms detected, compound words expanded. On top of that, a semantic analysis step finds over 200 classes of important information from postal addresses to credit card numbers. This semantic layer founds the basis of clustering, classification and state of the art search and filtering capabilities. This works in English, Norwegian, German and many more languages.

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Email Threading

Emails are incredibly important, both as repositories for “informal knowledge” and as evidence of conversations in eDiscovery scenarios because they preserve communication between parties along a time axis providing insight into who knew what and when. It is the context of these conversations that make them so necessary to eDiscovery and document review. The solution of "Email Threading" is meant to reconstruct the conversational structure of the emails from the raw documents, identify duplicates, and annotate the emails with data that reconstitutes the conversation and supports the review process.

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Near-Duplicate Detection

In corporations, documents are being copied, sent, changed, re-sent and re-copied constantly. Identifying all exact and near duplicates is key to quickly find the information you are looking for. In an eDiscovery context, duplication information reveals hidden structures of the document set and opens a path for a reviewer to quickly gain insight into the collection.

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Looking for that tiny needle in the huge document haystack, there usually is no help or general guideline for navigating the document space. At the current rate, this problem is becoming worse by the minute, with ever larger text collections being produced. ayfie’s clustering solves this problem by providing users with a tool to automatically induce a semantic structure on the collection in a completely unsupervised fashion. That is, documents are sorted into clusters based on which topics they talk about. The clusters themselves are arranged into a hierarchy that reveals how those topics relate to one another. Thus, even very large collections can then easily be navigated just by following the induced structure and focusing on documents within clusters of particular interest.

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Predictive Search

More often than not, it is not that easy for a normal user to know what to search for. How specific can a query be to still return results? How do I refine something that returned too broad a result? Predictive Search solves this problem by suggesting sensible queries which are guaranteed to create good results while the user is typing. This way, there is no uncertainty about how that name is spelled, if there actually is a document about “Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection” or what the name of that company starting with "Ba..." was.

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Search & Filter

ayfie provides a fast array of tools to improve your search and filter experience. The linguistically prepared index surfaces information quickly and to the point and the result can always be filtered down further using both document metadata (modification date, author, source) as well as metadata that ayfie’s engine added (organization, people, location, key topics).

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