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Plans designed to fit any user, any customer, at any scale. Explore which option is right for you. 

Ayfie for Individuals & Business

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Features Included
Ayfie Personal Assistant
Upload your documents and chat with them and use our tools to get more insight out of your information. Read more about the Ayfie Personal Assistant.
Ayfie Platform
Connect Your Data to our Platform and Make All The Info Accessible and Searchable from One Place. Read more about the Ayfie Platform.
Connect to personal Dropbox
Get structure to your files in your very own Dropbox
Connect to personal OneDrive
Get structure to your files in your very own OneDrive
Connect to Office 365
Connect to one or more of the Microsoft O365 business apps.
Connect to Business Applications
With several connectors available you can connect more of your business apps to Ayfie.
Add our GDPR and Compliance tool to your Ayfie solution and be fully compliant and ready to handle private and sensitive data requests from day 1. Read more about the Ayfie Supervisor.
On-premises or hybrid installation
Our Ayfie platform can also be delivered on-premises with the client or client's IT providers data center, or we have a hybrid model available too.
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* Please note that prices are only guiding, and can change by factors such as choice of connectors, degree of customization needed for the solution, choice of hosting (Cloud or on-premises), etc.