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Early Data Assessment

Early Data Assessment provides a comprehensive overview of the content and context of a collection of electronically stored information at the beginning of the life cycle of litigation, audit or investigation. By understanding the data at an early stage, parties can begin to quantify information that may need to be uncovered.

Optimize the highly manual process of reducing a document set for a case matter

  • Easy data collection: More than 80 data sources can quickly be selected to create an initial data set.
  • High-speed filtering: Leverage ayfie's semantic analysis to extract persons, organisations, locations, and dates found within document contents.
  • Eliminate copy-paste While previewing documents, you can make annotations for future reference by project teams and export them to Excel.
  • Tag relevant results: Tag documents to sort content and create work packages for colleagues.
  • One-click timeline creation: Add relevant documents to a timeline to graphically present them in chronological order together with associated notes, annotations and tags.
  • Add interesting notes: At any time you may add additional notes to a document or timeline.
  • Customize the timeline: Re-arrange documents of a matter according to dates found within the documents – even add custom events, e.g. calls.
  • Export all data: Export all work product, timelines, associated notes, annotations and tags to Word or Excel.

It can all be much easier!

Efficiently produce document sets for further review.

  1. Select
    the relevant documents for an initial data set.

  2. Reduce
    the data by applying ayfie's text analytics toolset.

  3. Code
    the remaining documents by adding notes, tags, and annotations.

  4. Rearrange
    documents according to specific dates within a timeline.

  5. Produce
    a document set for export to PDF or a review platform.

Build timelines with one click and then augment or modify documents.

ayfie's proprietary NLP technology crawls the contents of all selected files and automatically extracts dates as well as key entities including persons, locations and organisations. This allows for a more rapid discovery process. The timeline can be built based on the date of document, a date mentioned within a document or a custom date set by the user. 

In addition, team members working on the case or transaction can add and review annotations, notes, and tags - which are layered on top of the source document. 

Timeline view
Timeline view

Add notes
Add notes

Adjust date
Adjust date

Add annotations
Add annotations

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