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Helping HR find expertise from 100,000+ CVs


Search+ filter thousands of CVs

Find specific qualifications, experience and skills


Find the right match

Easily sort and save the best candidates by tagging the right profiles

Keep sensitive data safe

Stay compliant to GDPR with automatic reports


The Best Tool for HR and Talent Search

Recruitment agencies and large corporations with thousands of employees hold tens of thousands of CVs in their databases. This is useful so they can find the perfect candidate for a project, team, or available position. But identifying expertise across immense numbers of CVs is challenging and time-consuming.

Going through every CV in your database to know the competence you have on hand is a difficult and often imperfect task. 

Another, often overlooked issue is that you don’t know where all the CVs are located in the company’s information silos, which means that there are large parts of the company’s expertise that are unknown to you. This leads to the possibility of missing out on the perfect candidate.

With a good tool all of these challenges can be erased. 

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Search and Find and the Right Candidates

Using Ayfie makes it much easer and faster to find your gold (i.e. the right candidate):

  • Search through CVs and cover letters across systems and file formats
  • Use filters to rapidly sort and find perfect candidate
  • Tag best talent to create talent pools
  • Make notes and annotations on digital files for discussion on interviews
  • Deliver a report to project owner

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