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How to speed up Due Diligence and Litigation

Structure data fast

Review large amounts of information fast using functionalities such as Annotations, Tags and Timeline in Ayfie Locator.

Stay compliant

With Ayfie you can be certain to know all the details as well as finding what your case might be missing of important details.

Solve Cases faster

Thanks to having all you need in one single platform you are more efficient in your job, as well as being able to collaborate across teams.


Find Hidden Insights

Have you ever heard the expression “buried under paperwork”? That is exactly how M&A teams feel at the beginning of any litigation or Due Diligence exercise.

We understand that starting a process like that can be demotivating because you know it will take time and that you will have to be both strategic and detail-oriented. Read how you can cut down the time needed to sift through documents but also maintain the attention for detail required with these processes.

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Everyday life for us is not that narrow, and then the question is how to deal with unstructured data; data that we need to examine, which is to be handled in an extensive transaction or data to be investigated in the event of a GDPR violation. You need a holistic tool to handle the information and get an overview - with Ayfie we get that. 
Per-Kaare Svendsen
Partner, Kvale
In Bull, we save a lot of time by using Ayfie's search engine. We have indexed several sources, so that we are confident we will find documents no matter where they are stored. This also enables us to provide better and faster service to our customers.
Paal Slaaen
IT Manager, Bull & CO
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